Sermons I Love

(aka, my tribute to Tim Keller)

I am not ashamed to say that I find comfort in listening to the same sermons over and over again. I can be a bit slow when it comes to spiritual things, so I find that if I listen to a sermon or a lecture more than once, I am more likely to actually understand it. These are all sermons that I have found to be incredibly helpful over the last 1-2 years… they are so comfortable and familiar to me, like old friends. (Yes, I know I am strange.) I will keep updating it as I find others that I love… maybe I’ll even include some other folks besides Keller!

  • The Prodigal Sons– This is one of the most influential things I have ever listened to. It’s “Classic Keller.” Every time I listen to this sermon, I can’t help but better understand the Gospel. He has several sermons on this same passage and has also written a book called, The Prodigal God, where he goes into more detail about “younger brothers” and “elder brothers.”
  • The Man the King Delights to Honor– This sermon is about pride– Keller does a fantastic job of explaining the “superiority” and the “inferiority” forms of pride. If you struggle with being self-conscious, listen to this. If you tend to brag about yourself, listen to this. If you don’t really have a problem with pride, you definitely need to listen to this. I have listened to this sermon at least 20 times. I can quote (several) parts of it. In fact, this may be my all time favorite Keller sermon.
  • Praying our Fears– This one has helped me understand what’s underneath my tendency towards anxiety. Keller talks about anxiety vs. fear and how to lean into the Gospel when we are afraid.
  • Praying our Tears- In this one, Keller talks about suffering. This sermon, in conjunction with some wonderful preaching from a former pastor, have done more to shape my understanding of how to suffer well than anything else. It is so important to think deeply about suffering in the moments when you feel farthest away from pain and hardship; that way you can train your mind and soul to think rightly about how we are to suffer.


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