A “photo shoot”

At 3:15pm yesterday, I decided to set “Jeremiah the Destroyer” loose outside. That boy loves, absolutely LOVES, to break things, make a mess, and knock things over. If I didn’t believe in the concept of entropy, I certainly do now.

I followed him around with my camera, trying to get him to look at me. The alphabet song will still get a smile from him, as will counting from 1-20 (in my best Count von Count voice, of course.) We played by the gate because he’s intensely interested in things that move- opening and closing doors is his passion right now.

And don’t you just love this hat? My mom made it (thanks, mom!) I picked out the pattern and the yarn and she did all the work– that’s my kind of crafting!



Toward the end, I think he really caught the vision of what I was going for- look at him posing!

I’m going to have to watch this one, I think– he’s such a flirt already!

He’s all like, “What, what, mom? You wanna fight?? Watch out, I’ve got a plastic bowl!”

Actually, he was saying, “Zha, zha! Zha, zhaaaa!”


{I do wish he would stop carrying around random plastic containers– why is it that children find the most mundane things fascinating? Even after reasoning with him that disposable Ziplock containers are not considered to be very good photography props, he would not be swayed. He just loves his little collection of junk.}

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