365 Photo Challenge

 1/365: October 11, 2011

50mm, ISO 1600 (!), f/2.2, SS 1/40


I’ve been getting more into photography now that I have a tiny bit of extra time. It’s amazing how much getting good rest combined with a reasonable work load has changed my day-to-day life. It’s fantastic- you should try it.

Back to photography– I really want to push myself and learn all I can about composition, light, post processing, etc. I want to get in the habit of grabbing my camera more often and capturing shots of our daily lives. I also know that the only way to really improve at anything is to practice- to take thousands and thousands of photographs and analyze them. So, I’m going to start my own 365 Photography Challenge!

Given my personality and tendency towards rule-following/structure/legalism, this should work well. (Note, legalism is bad when applied to the Gospel, but I believe it has a place in things like Photo Challenges.) And like any good rule-follower, I need the rules to be clear, concise, and fair. And so I present, Natalie’s 365 Photo Challenge.



1. Challenge runs from October 11, 2011 to October 11, 2012. Why October 11? Because that’s when I thought of doing the Challenge… plus, it will end on 10/11/12 and being someone who digs numbers, that seems like a pretty good reason.

2. A new photo will be taken and published each day.

3. I promise not to clog up your Facebook status feed with photos. I will house them on this blog and possibly Flickr or Smugmug.

4. Info on photos including ISO, SS, Aperture and any interesting comments will be included in each posting.

5. If you see me with my camera it is very possible that a photo of you will end up here. Please let me know if you would rather not participate and I won’t put you (or your kids) on my blog. Otherwise, you’ve been warned!

6. All images are my property- please do not copy, take, or steal. If you want to link back, feel free. If you really like a photo and want a copy, just ask. I bet I’ll say “yes.”


2/365: October 12, 2011

50mm, ISO 200, f/2.2, 1/640