The Shop is Open- Come Check it Out!

Things are getting busy over here! The response to my design shop has been really fantastic– so fantastic that I decided to open another shop to sell *printed* designs!

Natalie Rebecca Prints Shop

I didn’t expect to love operating these shops as much as I do… I’ve always loved pens, paper, planners– pretty much anything that can be found at a stationery store. And I’ve always been an appreciator of nice design. But it has come as a bit of a surprise how incredibly rewarding it’s been to work on these products from start to finish. I love everything about it– the initial design phase all the way through to production and packaging.

I am excited to continue adding products to my shop. I’ve expanded my line to include products that will fit a variety of planners including Filofax, Kikki K, Carpe Diem, Color Crush, and of course The Happy Planner. If you are a fellow appreciator of paper, pens, planners and nice design, I think you will find something to love so head on over and check it out!

You can find my shop through the link above that says “shop” or you can click here.

Giveaway: The Wait is Over- The Big Happy Planner is Here

{Update: We have a winner! picked #158 as our winner.

Congrats to Chelsea! Check your email, girl… I need your address :)}

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 1.09.42 PM

Big Happy Planner Giveaway

I’m terrible at waiting.

Winter is so hard for me because I spend the entire time waiting for spring to come. If I could only embrace the snow and ice and bitter cold that so many people seem to enjoy, I’m sure winter would go by faster.

I’m getting better, I suppose… life with children will do that, right? I don’t want to know how many minutes of my life I have spent waiting on a little person to get dressed, put his shoes on, go to the potty, pull up his pants, or pick up his toys. (Actually, who am I kidding– I don’t have the patience to wait on little people to pick up their toys.) I know patience is a virtue and all that… and I’m sure I will continue to have many opportunities to practice waiting. But it sure is nice when winter is finally over and the wait for spring comes to an end. (For example)

And it’s even better when something comes along and you realize that instead of having to wait, say three months to use your favorite planner, you can actually start using it next week. (For example)

MAMBI Happy Planner Giveaway

I found the Big Happy Planner at Michael’s last weekend and fell in love. It’s so pretty. And spacious. And pretty. I knew the calendar inside didn’t start until July but I wasn’t worried because I have a couple of other planners I can use. But as soon as I actually held it, I wished that I could start using it right away.

Big Happy Planner Dated Inserts, April, May, June 2016

And so, I did what I do best. I figured out a way to avoid waiting!

I designed some dated calendar inserts for April, May, and June and am really happy with how they turned out. They are printed on thick 28# paper which makes them look sooo nice!  (Update- I just added them to my Etsy store if you’d like to purchase them!)

In celebration of the arrival of spring (yay!) and in honor of not having to wait if you don’t have to (double yay!), I am giving away a Big Happy Planner and a set of my April-June inserts!


Yes- I am GIVING AWAY a BIG Happy Planner.

“Free? As in you’ll ship it to me and everything?”

Yes, free. And I’ll ship it to the winner (domestic or international!)

Big Happy Planner Dated Inserts, April, May, June 2016

I know there are a lot of folks who haven’t been able to find the Big Happy Planner and so I want to spread the love a little. Here’s how to enter:

  • Head over to Etsy and favorite my new shop (for PRINTED inserts!)
  • Leave a comment on this post sharing your favorite planner tip/trick

Big Happy Planner | MAMBI | Dated Inserts for April, May, June 2016

You can get additional opportunities to enter by following me on Facebook and Instagram (All my followers will be entered- yay!) I’ll choose a winner from the comments/Facebook/Instagram on April 2nd and email the winner. So let your #plannernerd and #plannerjunkie and #planneraddict and #plannergirl friends know… unless, of course, you want to increase your odds of winning. In that case, you probably shouldn’t tell anyone. Ha!

Happy Planning!

Free Cleaning Printable for your Happy Planner

Spring has come to Long Island and I could not be happier! Last winter just about killed me so an early spring is the best gift ever. Longer days and warmer weather mean my boys can play outside again- woo hoo! This time of year also makes me want to set aside some time to get my home in order- it feels so good to do some organizing and deep cleaning! To help me stay motivated, I made this cute half-sheet printable for my Happy Planner where I can keep track of all the chores I need to do. To inspire all the other Happy Planners out, I’m making it available for free here on my blog! Click here for the Free Cleaning Printable for your Happy Planner!

I don’t know what it is about a list, but writing things down with a nice pen on some pretty paper makes doing the mundane things of life a little more bearable. And for some reason, making my lists pretty always helps me push through and finish what I start. There’s just something so satisfying about looking at that list and seeing the tasks get crossed off, one-by-one.

Be sure to check out my shop over on Etsy for other printable lists and forms. I’m adding new items every day and have started to include A5, Personal, and Letter size inserts as well as Happy Planner sizes. I love hearing from you all about how you are using them and what you’d like to see me carry. I’ve gotten such good feedback and it’s helping me make my products even better- Thank You!!

What about you, friends? Who is spring cleaning this week? Any tips to get (and stay!) motivated?



Happy Planner Free Scripture Printable Colossians 3:1-3

Free Printable Happy Planner Scripture

Hello friends! Just a quick post this morning to let you know that I’m going to be offering some FREE scripture printables to fit the Happy Planner!

I’ve decided to make a prayer journal with the extra pages of my current planner– I have July-Dec 2015 that I didn’t use and it seems like a huge waste to toss such nice paper! I’ll be covering up the dates and days of the week with washi tape and cut outs and using the space to journal. I struggle to regularly spend time reading and praying but I know how important it is and I genuinely want to prioritize this time each day. I think creating a journal to focus my time will help tremendously!

One of my favorite verses is from Colossians 3. I need this reminder daily to keep my mind focused on things above as I am constantly getting bogged down with the things that are on earth. What a great comfort and joy it is to remember that “I have died and my life is hidden with Christ in God!”

I’ve created a Free Printable of Colossians 3:1-3 that is sized to fit the Happy Plannerclick here to download a copy! I think this would make a great divider or dashboard. I may even laminate mine and use it as a cover or to section off a prayer section from a bible study or sermon notes section. Oh, the possibilities!

Since I’m relatively new to the Happy Planner in general, I’d love to hear from all you “master planners” out there about how you use your planner for journaling. What tips do you have for us?!