Giveaway: The Wait is Over- The Big Happy Planner is Here

{Update: We have a winner! picked #158 as our winner.

Congrats to Chelsea! Check your email, girl… I need your address :)}

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Big Happy Planner Giveaway

I’m terrible at waiting.

Winter is so hard for me because I spend the entire time waiting for spring to come. If I could only embrace the snow and ice and bitter cold that so many people seem to enjoy, I’m sure winter would go by faster.

I’m getting better, I suppose… life with children will do that, right? I don’t want to know how many minutes of my life I have spent waiting on a little person to get dressed, put his shoes on, go to the potty, pull up his pants, or pick up his toys. (Actually, who am I kidding– I don’t have the patience to wait on little people to pick up their toys.) I know patience is a virtue and all that… and I’m sure I will continue to have many opportunities to practice waiting. But it sure is nice when winter is finally over and the wait for spring comes to an end. (For example)

And it’s even better when something comes along and you realize that instead of having to wait, say three months to use your favorite planner, you can actually start using it next week. (For example)

MAMBI Happy Planner Giveaway

I found the Big Happy Planner at Michael’s last weekend and fell in love. It’s so pretty. And spacious. And pretty. I knew the calendar inside didn’t start until July but I wasn’t worried because I have a couple of other planners I can use. But as soon as I actually held it, I wished that I could start using it right away.

Big Happy Planner Dated Inserts, April, May, June 2016

And so, I did what I do best. I figured out a way to avoid waiting!

I designed some dated calendar inserts for April, May, and June and am really happy with how they turned out. They are printed on thick 28# paper which makes them look sooo nice!  (Update- I just added them to my Etsy store if you’d like to purchase them!)

In celebration of the arrival of spring (yay!) and in honor of not having to wait if you don’t have to (double yay!), I am giving away a Big Happy Planner and a set of my April-June inserts!


Yes- I am GIVING AWAY a BIG Happy Planner.

“Free? As in you’ll ship it to me and everything?”

Yes, free. And I’ll ship it to the winner (domestic or international!)

Big Happy Planner Dated Inserts, April, May, June 2016

I know there are a lot of folks who haven’t been able to find the Big Happy Planner and so I want to spread the love a little. Here’s how to enter:

  • Head over to Etsy and favorite my new shop (for PRINTED inserts!)
  • Leave a comment on this post sharing your favorite planner tip/trick

Big Happy Planner | MAMBI | Dated Inserts for April, May, June 2016

You can get additional opportunities to enter by following me on Facebook and Instagram (All my followers will be entered- yay!) I’ll choose a winner from the comments/Facebook/Instagram on April 2nd and email the winner. So let your #plannernerd and #plannerjunkie and #planneraddict and #plannergirl friends know… unless, of course, you want to increase your odds of winning. In that case, you probably shouldn’t tell anyone. Ha!

Happy Planning!

161 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Wait is Over- The Big Happy Planner is Here

  1. Favorited!

    My favorite tip is to use sticky notes to pre-plan. I kind of get anxiety putting pen to paper unless I am specifically planning for the next week on a Sunday night. So if I know I have a doctors appointment a month away, I’ll use a sticky note and write the info down and stick it on that day. Then when I’m planning a month later, I can put it in there permanently! This has really saved me a few times. Lol. I forget things pretty easily, so as soon as I know I have something for a future date, I write it on a sticky note and put it in there.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Favorited! 🙂
      My #1 in planning – invest in a dashboard!! This will save you from scrunching in last minute things that come up. Stickies are life savers!

  2. How sweet! My favorite tip is to write in my planner daily…it helps me track all those little things that may have been forgotten. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!
    – April W

  3. I’m now following you on instagram and LOVE the budget added sheets. I am always looking for easier ways to keep track of bills coming and going. Planning is one of the few things I do for myself as a busy mom. My Sunday morning is spend decorating my week and planning what’s to come. I can’t wait to be able to sit outside on the deck lol Jersey has a few more weeks of chilly weather 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter

  4. My favorite planner tip is making my own sidebar with a simple “Pages” program (similar to Word). I measured my sidebar, inserted a shape and sized it to the sidebar dimensions. I then added a text box and added my regular weekly things: Daily habit tracker, a TO Clean section, my daughter’s med tracker and my weekly menu plan. If I can’t find the sticker I want, I make it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. My favourite tip would definitely be to use lots and lots of stickers and washi! it makes the page look a lot more full, more colourful & more fun to look at! It makes me more excited to plan! Thank you for having this giveaway Natalie! 😀

  6. My favorite planner tip (as a complete newbie) is to decorate so you’ll want to open your planner. I have a habit of guessing what I wrote down, instead of looking, but decorating has really helped with that. I love to see my pretty pages! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I have to have organization. I love space but I have to have lines. I use the monthly spread to fill in as things come up, then I transfer to the actual week on Sunday.

  8. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome planner from MAMBI!
    My favorite tip…When using Washi to decorate, I like to use a gift card instead of a ruler to tear it.

  9. My favorite planner tip/trick is to? I really haven’t found a tip/trick to use. I’m still trying to find a planner to fit my needs. I have a pocket Filofax, a personal Color Crush and a Happy planner but I haven’t found one that I want to use on a daily basis. Do you have any ideas for to find planner peace? Thanks for any help and also for a chance to win a wonderful planner.

  10. Wow! How generous of you to give away this beautiful planner!! Your inserts are awesome too! My favorite planner tip is to put a paper clip, preferably a cute one, on the current week I’m on so it’s easy to find my place. Now, I’m heading to facebook and IG to increase my chances of winning. THANK YOU so much!!!

  11. Love incorporating Bible journaling and planning all in one place. The big Happy Planner will give me even more room to do that!!

  12. Find what works for you. Some people like to decorate and some just like to write with a pencil. Find the system that works for your life.

  13. My favorite tip is that a little washi tape can do wonders to decorate a spread when you are just starting out and don’t have a lot to decorate.

  14. I use my planner as a memory journal! I post pictures from the week and where we have been, what we did, and how I am feeling! The week’s my daughter comes home from college are the best! Thank you for the opportunity! This is most generous! Can’t wait to see your etsy pages!

    • My favorite planner tip is using a washi I can write on in my planner…sorry I hit post before I was ready before. LOL

  15. My favorite tip is to keep your planner with you at all times. Mine is my brain and if I can’t refer to it I’m lost.

  16. I guess my favorite tip would have to be… Keep your favorite planning supplies close. LOL I like to have my favorite stickers, washi, pens/markers close at hand so I can plan (pretty) when somethings pops in my head. ☺️ Thanks for doing this! I think this would make a great planner/journal as well! ?

  17. My favorite tip is to draw my own pictures and color them in. It’s a great stress reliever and really personalizes it! 🙂

  18. My favorite tip is just do what works for you. There isn’t a contest for prettiest planner. As long as it works for you and you like it then do it. In the end it’s a tool to keep you organized and if what you’re doing allows that then it’s working!

    Thanks for the chance to win. I haven’t been able to find one.

  19. My tip- Use the monthly pages for preplanning. This way you have all your important commitments (doctors appointments, birthday parties, relatives visiting, ect) on one page and you can then plan out the weekly pages the week before.

  20. My favorite planner tip is to always keep my stickers and inserts organized so I can design my planner anyway I want it to without searching a lot.

  21. Im new to this so i really dont have any tips at the moment. I had to start one so i would stop forgetting things. Thank you for the chance to win

  22. Mine is decorate, but don’t overdecorete. Make sure you still have room for writing whatever you need to write in. Thankyou!

  23. I use colored pens, so that I can organize all the different areas of my life, children, work, church… etc. I have ADD and it helps my brain work just a bit better lol

  24. My favorite trick is using a gift card or credit card to tear my washi tape on so it gets a perfectly straight edge 🙂

  25. my planner is my brain, I plan anything ahead on post its and then if something changes its not permanent. Not the best planner tip, but it’s critical for me

  26. thanks for the chance to win my favorite tip is to keep it simple I love the look of all the pretty added paper but I find my scheduling gets lost so I use very pale colors

  27. Do whatever it takes to make you actually look in and use your planner! Carry it with you or leave it on the kitchen counter open to this week. Decorate it to make it pretty so you will look at it or print your own with your daily items already filled in. Just find the way that speaks to you and make it yours!

  28. My favourite planning tip would have to be to keep your stickers and supplies close and organized. I have all my journaling accessories in one spot so I can see what I have and gran what I need!! I also created a carry box so I could bring out my supplies and journal in the living room. All I did was cut the top off a boot box and glued smaller boxes and toilet paper rolls inside to organize my supplies

  29. I watercolor on extra slide label sheets that I get from work and then stamp them with various task stamps so I have quick go to stickers when I’m all out. I also have a little laminated card inserted in the planner with the mambi punch so I can bring some washi samples with me on the go!

  30. My favorite planner tip is to use sticky notes. They are my best friend. When dates change often, just move the sticky note to the new date. Keeps the planner looking neat and clean.

  31. My little tip that I love to do is to use scrapbooking paper. Even the little pieces that get cut off, they’re great to use as borders, small points if you’re making a list, or just to decorate with.

  32. Being a student I love to incorporate ways to track my weekly spending (because school is expensive) and “words of the week” which are usually words that I learn in school that are harder for me to remember. I go to school for diagnostic medical sonography and the lingo is sometimes pretty tricky. I trim down old/expired pages from my happy planner to accomadate for the lack of space in the smaller planners.

  33. Love love the Happy Planner. Your imagination is the limit. I use mix media it is not perfect and it is not supposed to be. It is unpredictable like my week.. The idea is to have fun and make it your own..

  34. My favorite planner trick is to keep a To-Go pouch of planner things with me at all times. Just a few go to stickers like checklists and half boxes, and some washi samples so I can plan on the go when I’m waiting for an appointment or a friend. Also, I use an old gift card to help cut washi and I use wax paper to help cut washi into strips with my paper cutter!

  35. Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway!

    I would say that my best tip would be to go easy at the beginning. It takes a while to get in the routine and decide how much you want to do. I was overdoing it with the decorating at first, and almost didn’t have enough room for my schedule! ?

  36. Wow, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to pick just one tip until I tried! My biggest tip is something that really was an issue for me in the beginning. Don’t compare your decorating style or layouts to other people. I used to look at instagrams and Facebook pages and be really disappointed in myself because my planner didn’t look like theirs. That’s okay! It doesn’t have to! Some people spend a ton on decorations and that’s great! Some people don’t and that’s great too! There are people who have been doing this for many years and of course you are going to look at theirs and think “Wow, I wish I could do that.” YOU CAN! It just takes practice and time to learn how YOU want your planner to look. In the beginning I actually stopped using my planner because I felt so bad about my layouts! Now I know that it is a fun, creative outlet that also lets me keep my life organized. I love it and I don’t care what other people’s layouts look like as long as I make one that works for me and I love!

  37. I don’t know if I’d consider it a tip or trick, but I don’t use the monthly “special dates” page so I cover it in a cut down page from my adult coloring book! Whenever I need to de-stress or need to get my creative juices flowing for a new spread, I just color. 🙂

  38. Thank you so much for the opportunity! My favorite part about the Happy Planner is the ease of inserting items when using a hole punch. I have not yet been able to purchase an HP punch, so I’ve been tracing the holes, using a single hole punch, and cutting slits in the holes. I’ve made laminated sticker pockets, font samples, dashboards, bookmarks, etc., and easily insert them into my planner. I mostly use my planner for upcoming events. I’d love to have the larger version to record my daily devotions and insert memories, pictures, and momentos of past events.

  39. My favorite tip would be Washi tape, it fixes seriously every thing and makes it beautiful!

    Love your inserts! They are so cute!

  40. WOW…thanks for the giveaway! My planner tip is when decorating my weekly spread, I only grab a few items from my stash (washi, scrap paper, stickers)and only use what I’ve selected. This forces me to be creative and use up what I have without being overwhelmed with all the choices.

  41. I use small sticky notes to write ahead on dates that I know I have something going on. That way it’s put into my planner but it is not on my page. I also use the monthly tabs as a dashboard of sorts, so that I can keep sticky notes without adding bulk to it.

  42. As a busy mom to 6 my favorite planner tip is to make sure you set aside the time to plan on a certain day each week. Not only do I enjoy my planning time but it gives me a little time to myself and helps my family at the same time. Doing so makes my week sommichnmore organized which means my house and family have a successful week. Thank you for the opportunity to enter you are very generous!

  43. I love keeping track and decorating. Using washi tape or stickers are great but I love challenges.i let my three year old choose one source to decorate with such as newspaper, scrapbook paper or just coloring book pages.

  44. Set aside a day each week for planning your spread and any important appointments, I than fill out a to do list each day as that always changes day to day 😀

  45. My favourite planner tip? Use small, fun sticky notes (I use Minnie Mouse heads) to note events in the future. If you haven’t decorated that week yet you won’t want to permanently put pen to paper- fun little sticky notes will help brighten your day anyway and you’ll remember your future appointments!! X

  46. My trick for my Planner: is to always keep notes (using Sticky Notes) for all the future appointments and current plans that are not certain.
    I also keep small stickers at hand, to ensure that I can modify my Planner always.
    and Frixion Pens 🙂

  47. I have recently gotten into the Happy Planner and bullet journaling. I am really loving it. My favorite has been developing a dashboard and the stickers. I have been way more organized and productive with the systems:)

  48. My tip is to divide daily as the division of tasks , one for things from home and meals, with general issues and events that do not always have many tasks in the day.

    Wanting so much that this planner come to Brazil.

  49. Favorited!!

    I like to use printables to decorate my planner. I also like to use different color ink to keep things organized. I am pretty new to the planner world so I don’t have super amazing tricks yet. I just like to have fun with it. Thank you sooooo much for the chance 🙂

  50. I try to color code things and I also like to write in my planner throughout the day so I can remember things. I tend to forget things easily due to fibromyalgia!!

  51. Thank you,thank you,thank you so much for the give away! I feel grateful for the opportunity. I like to use functional stickers to save time in writing. I write with pencil and color code with erasable color pencils just in case things change. When I use the color pencil I used them coloring the background and that have been studies that say coloring helps to relive stress so it’s a plus for me!

  52. Yay! Thank you. I’m very new to planners so my best tip is to take it slow. You don’t need everything at once. Find your planner groove and style and then make wise purchases.

  53. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win! I’m thrilled to have found your shop. The inserts you have designed look GREAT. My tip for planning is color coding…I use different colored pens for each area of planning. Green for work, pink for my daughters activities and appointments, blue for school stuff, etc.

  54. Fab giveaway, thank you for the chance to win. My top tip is to use different colour pens to keep things bright and pretty, matching the pen colours to stickers and washi used 🙂

  55. I love the pages you created! I love using my Happy Planner as a creative outlet. I love being able to have all my weeks in formation at a glance. My favorite tools are washi, stickers and Staedtler pens!

  56. So kind of you! My Favourite tip is to reuse dividers that you don’t need for additional sections in your planner for like Notes, Projects etc. I love housing my Happy Planner as a memory keeper too!

  57. My favorite planner tip is to preplan in pencil so if things change it doesn’t mess up my planner and I don’t waste any paper.

  58. I just followed you! Love your work! =) My favorite tip is to write something I’m thankful for daily. It reminds me of the simple or little things that I am thankful for and keeps me positive when I’m not feeling so bright. Thanks for the opportunity to win! =)

  59. Thank you so much for making this giveway, and international. I use sticker notes to program my month in advance. It’s easier when I get to plan the month and the weeks. I’ve followed the Facebook and your instagram page. Thank you again for this.

  60. I have theatre rehearsals. Very confusing to keep track. I currently copy schedule. Then I literally cut and paste into planner!

  61. My favorite planner tip is to RELAX! Start small. Dabble. There is no rush and no ideal amount of money you need to plan. I started 2 years ago with a 9.99 planner and 26.00 of washi and stickers. Lasted me a long time. ?

  62. I don’t have any tips/tricks as of yet. I am NEW to planning. I just ordered my first Happy Planner and received it today. Thought it was going to be a BIG one, but it had the wrong description and ended up only being a Classic one. I would love to win this new BIG Happy Planner, as it is the one I really wanted.

  63. I am pretty new to the Happy Planner and I am loving it. I think my favorite thing I’ve do for my make-shift planner, still can’t find the big ones out by me :-(, farming town, was when I made my dash board for my post-its. This way I can at least have temp notes until I can write in down.

  64. I like to use stencils when I am running low on icon stickers, it saves me a little money and I can color them any color I would like.

  65. My favourite trick is to use the silhouette cameo and cut out cute shapes that can be glued/taped into the planner ?
    Thanx for this giveaway!
    Hugs Rebecca

  66. My planner tip? Don’t get too stressed over how it looks or is used comparative to other’s! It’s there to make your life easier. It’s difficult to remember that sometimes when I see such beautiful layouts, but it’s best to remember not to worry because you don’t need another source of stress. It’s a happy planner, not an unhappy planner. ❤️

  67. I love your printables and I have favored your Etsy shop.

    My favorite type is to use post it notes or movable stickers so that you can’t move your stickers around should your plans change.

    Thanks for your freebie offer of the big Happy Planner. Have a great day.


  68. My favorite app for planning is picking up to pre-plan and white stuff that may change on a sticking out so I’m not whitiing out or scribbling it out

  69. I’ve favourited your Etsy shop! My tip is to sit down on a Sunday evening with your family diary/calendar, work diary, school dates etc and plan out the following week using the most gorgeous inserts (like those in your store) and stickers you can. Then you know that work, family and all social activities are all in one place!

  70. My favorite tip is to use those little post-its. The fit in each date and if you need to change something the cover up well.

  71. I am new to planning so my favorite tip is to ask questions and look at other passionate planner’s ideas❤️

  72. I have ADHD diagnosed at 51, it suddenly hit me why I lived all my life In chaos. Not only does planning keep me on track with chores and my university degree but cutting my stickers help to calm my over active brain. I have never been creative or crafty but that doesn’t stop me from decorating my planner and I have started to like me time.

  73. I use small envelopes ( the size from flower shop enclosure cards ) and glue them on the page that way I can keep notes from grand kids, children, darling husband, or ticket stubs from events we’ve gone to or any small thing I want to keep or remember.

  74. I love sticky notes and washi tape and colored pens! I love everything about planners. I am a teacher, a wife, a mom and need to stay organized.

  75. My best tip? Make sure you love love your layout each week and keep changing it up until you find your planner zen. If you love your layouts each week, it makes it easy to interact with it every day! You look forward to it!

  76. How very generous of you!!! I have searched everywhere for this planner and can not find it!
    I love using my washi to decorate my planner as well as some stickers!!! However I’m okay with just writing my stuff in sometime too. ?

  77. My favorite planner tip… be true to your own style. It’s alluring to see what everyone else does, but in the end it’s wonderful to celebrate your own style. 🙂

  78. I love the Happy Planner. My favorite thing to do is journal a quick note about my day. Such as a good thing that happened, something I want to remember, or just how I felt that day.

  79. Love your etsy shop! Thank you for making the big planner printables! I’m still trying to figure out which layouts I like the best, but the best tip I read was not to decorate too far in advance! and for me, simple is best. I have lots to keep track of so I can’t fill my squares with too many stickers, etc. or it gets too busy looking.

  80. My favorite planner tip is to use different colored flags for everyone in the families appointments so every time I see a pink appointment flag filled out I know that is for my daughter green is for my son, blue is the husband and I am orange….Makes things simpler for me. I have not been able to find this planner yet. So hoping I win…I think this must be one of the most popular as no matter where I go it is never in the store.
    Thank you for the chance to enter. Heading over to visit your Facebook page and Shop

  81. I like to use the full month page to put my post its and journaling. When I get ready to plan for the week, I check the main page for things have have scheduled for that week and saved on post its and then I can write things that actually happened on the previous week.

  82. Thank you! My planner tip is Don’t let your hubby pack your planner into storage when your not going to be getting to it for a few months… well that’s what happened to me with both my planners… no but really, I think a good tip would be to can print out pretty stickers on a full sticker sheet and just cut around them!

  83. Etsy: biancarogoveanu
    Facebook: Bianca Rogoveanu
    Instagram: @biancarogoveanu

    I love to fill it with stickers !

  84. I’m wanting to Oder your A5 inserts…. Goals, notes, shopping list ect. I was wanting to view a video before I order. I have never purchases printable forms yet. I just want to make sure I know how to do it first. Thanks. I’m new at this. Ordered my 1st planner. I have no tips or tricks yet…lol. Hope I can still enter giveaway. Julie

  85. I cannot not take a chance… I live in France and it’s impossible to find.. . so fingers crossed….!!

    My favourite tip is using sticky notes before writing events in my planner… si that I can write in it properly and nicely.

    I’m following you on FB and Instagram, and like you etsy shop ,;)

  86. Meal plan with post its! I am currently in my 3rd trimester with my 3rd child, so meals are constantly changing.

  87. Bring it everywhere, the one time you leave it in the car or at home is when you get the call about that super important appointment you have been waiting to hear on. Keep it pretty, so while you are carrying it around it is just as beautiful as you feel.

  88. I keep a running to do list in my compact Filofax wallet that is anything I think I need to do at any point in the future. I then check off anything that I add to my planner and cross it out once it’s accomplished. The pages are pretty small and don’t hold a lot, so I usually have several pages. I’m then motivated to get that stuff done so I can get rid of a page, because I don’t like my wallet to be too stuffed.

  89. I use re-usable stickers so that I can move them around my planner when things change. Mainly my children’s plans, times, pickups etc.

  90. My tip is making different flower bands to use with my planner. Keeps my planner neat and closed when not in use. I sometimes use one on the monthly file and may attach notes with paperclips.

  91. I would suggest to placing your washI as you wish, write your to do list, then finish decorating. That way you know you’ll have enough room for what’s most important. The rest is just extra. Thanks for the chance!

  92. I am very new to this although already an addict! The only tip I have is when I see a design I really like, I take a snapshot. I examine them and try to see the coom on denominator in all of them and that’s where U begin. I also ask waaaaay too many questions. I actually thought about changing my name, lol. Thanks to all of you for your help! PS. Could really use one of these since I don’t drive. (WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE) 🙂

  93. Great tips above! Will be trying some of them! I use highlighters a lot. A certain colour for highlighting an item when complete, etc and another for items that need to be carried over to the next week. But will definitely be trying new ideas based on above!

  94. Wow! A lot of awesome tips! My favorite is to find your style and enjoy planning the way it suits you and your needs. It’s called a Happy Planner, so it should make you happy. No two people have the exact same life. Try things out, but most of all, enjoy the process. Comparison is the thief of joy…
    Thanks for this absolutely generous giveaway! 🙂

  95. I love this planner… I am very new to this and it seems like so much fun….I love where you can just put your thoughts into it and still be organized. Then you can insert Bible verses and decorate the way you feel…I would be a o happy to win this… thank you for the opportunity. …LOVE your blog…..

  96. I jot down my week in pencil so when things change its easy to remove then I ADD PEN AT THE END OF WEEK IT WORKS FOR ME AS I ALWAYS HAVE A CRAZY SCHEDULE

  97. I love my Happy Planner and got my buddies all hyped up about it and now they are happy planner girls lol I use sticky notes and just move them around from week to week depending on the content on them. That helps with future planning and also writing on a sticky or a notepad things that you need to do for the following week or for future references and I also punch them into my planner depending if it’s something that won’t fit into my boxes ? I want the big HP for fall semester since I am going to try to go back to school and this is big enough for all that jazz lol hopefully I can get my hands on one? Thanks for the opportunity… Good luck to all the lovely ladies?

  98. I write appointments etc in my monthly page and then add it to my weekly at the beginning of the week so if something changes I wont mess my weekly page up.

  99. I am very new to planner-ing so I don’t have any tips or tricks yet but I am going to read through all of these amazing ones that people are posting so I can get really good at it without having to do trial and error on my own. I love the look of the new BIG planner!! Lots of space to get creative!! What kind of punch do you have for your inserts??

  100. My favorite tip is just do what works for you ! I am new to this and i fond that i keep looking at others pages to get ideas………I guess i should just work for me 🙂

  101. I use a lot of post it notes to plan. Then as things move around I can move items around easily! Or I can grab the list I made and run into the store.

  102. OMG! I love it!!! I was the same way. I was in the market for a planner that allowed me to add inserts and be able to add photos. I was at Michael’s and saw someone there that was purchasing accessories for the Happy Planner and she told me how much she loved her planner. She told me all about the inserts and I knew this planner was perfect for what I was looking for. I purchased the small one and went to another Michael’s on Easter Sunday and saw the BIG Happy Planner and I was in love! I just love the size of this planner and the space that it gives me. I can’t wait to start using it and I too wished that they sold inserts for me to add in the extra months. I purchased the polaroid zip to be able to add memorable photos onto my planner. I also use tons of washi tapes and some scrapbooking paper to decorate my planner. 🙂

  103. Favorited, liked and following!!

    With my current Happy Planner, I use the scraps of white sticker paper, (after cutting out what I printed,) to cover the morning/afternoon/evening wording so I can put down washi and the words don’t show thru (love that the new planners don’t have the words). Also, I like to make my own faux washi: use Word I set up large textboxes and fill them with color or patterns, print on sticker paper and cut in strips to use in place of washi. This is especially good if I don’t have washi that coordinates with my sticker theme.

  104. Thanks for this awesome opportunity! I have been wanting to get my hands on the big HP. My favorite tip/trick is washi! It can be used for soooo much from decoration, hiding mistakes, marking important dates or appointments, the list is endless.

  105. I need the larger size planner boxes, so I can list everything in one place/planner. Tired of the multiple planners and trying to keep them all updated. Please choose me…

  106. My favorite trick is to only write pencil. This Allows you to erase and move things with out any problem or the worry of a sticky note falling out. Then when I am planing for the week I will use my colored Pen and under line in so I know exactly what class or activity is is for and its set in stone. I used to go over in the in pen but I am kinda lazy and the under lining thing works just as well. Then once I have finished something I like to highlight it in yellow. I also color code everything and have a key written on a insert page that I move to the beginning of the month.

  107. I Liked your etsy store, followed you on Instagram and have liked your FB page. This is an amazing giveaway! My favorite tip/trick is color coating with washi tape. I also use mini sticky notes to insert occasions that might change because I dont want to have to scribble over it. I like to keep my planner nice and clean- but very decorated!

  108. I’m very new to this MAMBI HP world, but my tip is to print a photo each day to keep track of at least one special moment each and every day. Even though our lives can seem hectic and crazy, this helps to remind us of the moments captured and never to be forgotten. I hope that at least one other person can appreciate this like I do!

  109. Hi, my favorite tip is to always use colored pens when writing in my planner. Now what I do is give everything it’s on color ie: green for work etc. This helps me stay organized and keeps me on top of things:)

  110. Use frixion stamps and pens, so you can decorate but still erase it when you need space or make errors…(sorry for my poor english, i’m dutch)

  111. I love love the sheets you designed for this planner. And all the tips. I have been using this planner before I joined all the groups and saw it was a whole new way to play with fun stickers. I would love for you to design a vertical day that I could add into the planner for bible journaling!! I want it all together and I have been adding in plain paper to do so.

  112. My favorite tip is to cover my mistakes or messes with stickers! I need to do that frequently! Thanks for e chance!

  113. Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway and for thinking of us! My favorite planner tip/trick is the handmade clips that I use for my planner. If you have any stickers at home, you can laminate them and glue them onto a paper clip to make it more fun! If you do not have a laminator, but need to somehow make something waterproof and so forth, you can always use the clear packaging tape, which works like a charm^^

  114. I absolutely love using sticky notes for short daily to-do lists and meetings. I have also found that cute stickers for repeating events (football practice/games) are fun and interesting. Keeping it to match your personality helps you stick with it.

  115. I’m still learning since I’m still a “newbie”…with the smaller planner though, I’m finding some weeks I don’t have as much room because I do my Bible studies, my journaling and all my work and personal stuff in the one planner. I’ve been considering getting a second planner and separate some of the things I’m involved in. Then I am liking the bookmarks that I’ve made to mark my place, then I go right to the spot where I left off!

  116. Thanks for the opportunity! Beautiful planner. I love that not only can I plan every aspect of my life in my planner but that I can customize it to be more me and make a statement every week/month.

  117. Oh Natalie! You are so kind with this contest/giveaway. I’m from Poland and in our country we don’t have any Michael’s or Hobbylobby. I would try it so so much. I’ve created my very own planner for myself but that’s not enough for me because I don’t have so many opportunities that HP has. I’ve got so many tips for planning… First, everything should be clear and not over-decorated. I also like to put “year at a glance” for a two or three future years. Additional pages I like to have in different colours, colour code is so useful when your planner is simultaneously your diary and memory keeper, to do list and shopping and cleaning and everything. The last tip is that you can create your own cover/divider from a present bag. I used to like beautiful patterns and when my friends buy me a present it is always packed with a beautiful bag. I like to re-use it for creating covers. I would be so thankful if I could get a chance to get this HP. May God bless you, Natalie. Greetings from Poland!

  118. Thank you for the opportunity to win this. My favorite tip us to use a credit card instead of ruler when using washi!

  119. Thanks for the opportunity, I am new to this planning and learning everything that I can. I use my planner for everything under the sun from work down to my daughters work schedule to life in general. I can not wait to be able to decorate and use stickers.

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