Introducing… Natalie Rebecca Design!

*** Update: Winners have been randomly chosen– comments #21, #7, and #5 are the winners! ***

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved paper and pencils, markers and crayons, stickers and glue. Browsing the isles of an office supply store, stationary shop, or craft store has long been a favorite pastime. My husband jokes that if I’m in a bad mood or having a hard day, all he has to do is take me on a date to Staples or JoAnn’s and I’ll immediately feel better. He is not wrong.

Half Sheet Lists

In my roles as wife, mama, teacher, maid housekeeper, etc, I’ve found there is a never-ending list of things I need to do. The laundry, the cleaning, the lesson planning, the paperwork, the permission slips, the birthday parties, the cooking… it really never stops. Being a grown up is great when I get to eat ice cream whenever I want, but not so great when all the details and tasks threaten to overwhelm me and send me to the looney bin. I’ve found the only way I can keep my head above water is to have a plan for the things that need to get done in life.

The Finance Bundle

I transitioned to an electronic calendar years ago and it served me well. But, to be honest, I discovered a few months ago that I need switch back to a paper calendar because of the way that I’m wired. I think one reason I love office supplies so much is because they appeal to my love of both form and function.  I love making a list but I also want my list to be pretty, ya know?

Meal Plan Half Sheet

I came across the new Happy Planner by accident and was not prepared for how much I would love it. Because it is “disc-bound,” it can lay flat and fold back on itself (like a spiral notebook) AND pages can be added to it (like a binder notebook.) It’s the best of both worlds! After a few weeks of using my planner, I realized I wanted to incorporate a space for meal planning and grocery lists so I made a custom insert page. And you know what? Knowing that I have a cute little meal planning form to fill out and a place to keep up with my grocery list actually motivates me to plan meals for the week. It should be embarrassing to admit I am the same little girl that would do anything if it was presented in form of a sticker chart, but… it’s oddly freeing.

The Household Organization Bundle

After searching for inserts for my planner and not finding anything that I loved, I continued to make lists, forms, and templates that were both pretty and customized for my life. I may be the same stationary-loving little girl that I’ve always been, but you know what? I am not alone– there are LOTS of us out there! The recent trend of coloring books for adults (which I also love!) is further evidence that I am in good company.

And so, I am excited to share some news with you… I’ve opened a shop on Etsy featuring many of my printable designs for the Happy Planner and other planner systems (Letter/A4/A5 sizes.)

Happy Planner Printable Inserts, Printable Calendar Inserts, MAMBI, Organizers, To Do Lists, Meal Planning, Menu Planners, Motivational Organizing Tools, Grocery List

 It’s only been open a week but I’ve been blown away by the positive response so far! To celebrate, I would like to give three lucky winners their choice of any item in my shop! To enter, leave a comment with your favorite organizational or money-saving tip (I’m always on the hunt for good ideas!) Drawing ends Saturday, March 5th at 10pm(EST). Good Luck and Happy Planning!


21 thoughts on “Introducing… Natalie Rebecca Design!

  1. love your planner inserts! will likely pick up some for my happy planner!

    the best organizational/money-saving tip I have: each Sunday my hubby and I sit down and plan out all our meals for the whole week (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and write up a grocery list. Then we go to Costco and a general grocery store (usually CUB Foods or Target). We use store coupons or Cartwheel to provider further discounts 🙂 This way we are not as tempted to buy unnecessary food items if they aren’t on the list or go out to eat as much because it’ll mess up our meal plan 🙂

  2. Your planner sheets look awesome! I’ve started to organize my home using supplies I already have. Like using Birchbox boxes for storing pens and using them as dividers in my junk drawer and bathroom. I save money by not buying new organizers and I’m repurposing items I already have.

  3. As a teacher, wife and mom of 3 I definitely need organization and planning in my life all around. I like to sit with my planner and write out a to do list for the week (personal and work). My planner is one of my best buddies

  4. I love Tristan’s idea, I do that, too! Besides that idea, I love to use those command hooks and hang EVERYTHING. Even baskets. I don’t have enough drawers/shelving/cabinets, so a lot of my organization comes from my homemade ‘shelves’ and ‘drawers’. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!!

  5. I write it all down! Even at work I have a plain comp notebook and keep a running to do list. Everything I need to do or work on! Keeps me accountable and I don’t forget the little things.

  6. I’ve recently gotten into bullet journaling and it’s so helpful to keep track of everything that way! I’m starting out by bullet journaling to-do lists in a little notebook and it’s been a really great way to keep track of my tasks. I would def recommend checking it out!

  7. I am loving your planner inserts! Definitely will be looking into your budget sheets and meal planning pages. I think the best organizing tip ever is to declutter, declutter, declutter! I’m always amazed at how much stuff gets saved “in case it’s needed.” Whenever I go through any thing there is always lots to just toss away!

  8. Your inserts are exactly what I am looking for. I just started using my HP and I love it but I want more lists to keep me organized. Thanks!

  9. Love your inserts.
    My best tip is write everything down even if you think you can remember it. Because odds are you won’t if it’s not written down. My S.O. even tells me to write that in my planner do he won’t forget it.

  10. These are great! March 1 begins my Happy Planner journey! I have to write everything down that my family schedules, if not I will double book us or forget. This win would be a great addition as I am just starting out!!

  11. Thank you for the grocery list and the chance to win an Etsy shop item! My favorite money saving tool by far is a website called digit. When you sign up, they withdraw to a savings account small amounts if money that you won’t miss. Really adds up over time. No minimums of days or amounts to withdraw. It has helped me a lot!

  12. As a busy mama to 4, writing everything down is a must. Every Sunday night, I like to sit & look at my calendar & make lists, lists, lists of everything I need to accomplish for each day of the week.

  13. I would love inserts from your shop!!! My best advice I think for storage… Washi tape I put on bobbins and hang on book rings and stamps and stickers I put in sheet protectors in binders to save one space! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  14. These are great! I like to use different color inks to help organize my planner even more. You can use a different color for each family member, type of task, etc.

  15. The 3 things that save us the most money revolve around food. Keeping a list, meal planning to fill that list with what we actually need, and paying for food with a set apart amount of cash. Before we started using cash we would literally spend double without even realizing it.

  16. My tip is just to meal plan and meal prep. It’s not always easy for me, but it really pays off! Love your shop!

  17. I love shopping at the dollar store with coupons and using their bins for organization in my kids rooms.

  18. My favorite organization tip is to keep everything organized by subject or person. Have a system in your planner. For instance I use printed labels to document my school assignments by subject and appointments for me and my family is wrote in colorful pens.that way each thing stands out seperatly also I keep a note sheet in the monthly to quickly jot down date to be added to the weekly later in case it hasn’t been decorated yet. However I try to decorate in advance.
    If not I pencil in until I match my color theme together

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