Happy Planner Free Grocery List Printable Insert

Happy Planner Freebie Grocery List Free Printable

Hello fellow planners– I hope your week has gotten off to a great start! The more I use my Happy Planner, the more I love it. I really like how it combines my need for organization and structure with my love of creativity and visual expression. This planner gets me. It’s my new BFF.

While I definitely use my planner for appointments and upcoming events, I’ve moved away from writing every last thing I need to remember in the boxes. After spending so much time making my weekly spread pretty, the last thing I want to do is scribble all over it! Instead, one of my favorite *functional* ways to use my planner is to include a blank page for jotting down notes, errands, etc. I can change out the page when it gets filled up or when the info is no longer needed.

Happy Planner Printable Insert To Do List

Of course, I could do the same thing with sticky notes or blank paper, but having a cute to-do list or grocery list already printed up makes my day just a little bit brighter. And there are days when I really, really need that extra bit of happiness. I know I’m not the only one, so I wanted to share a Free Printable Grocery List with you that is perfectly sized for the Happy Planner. Just print, trim it down (using the guides) and punch using the new MAMBI hole punch or Arc punch.

Click here to download your Happy Planner Free Printable Grocery List!

Be sure to check out The Shop if you are interested in other inserts for your Happy Planner. To celebrate the debut of the new Happy Planners on March 1st, I’m giving three lucky winners their choice of anything in my shop (click here to enter). Drawing ends on Saturday, so be sure to enter before it closes. Have a great week!


Introducing… Natalie Rebecca Design!

*** Update: Winners have been randomly chosen– comments #21, #7, and #5 are the winners! ***

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved paper and pencils, markers and crayons, stickers and glue. Browsing the isles of an office supply store, stationary shop, or craft store has long been a favorite pastime. My husband jokes that if I’m in a bad mood or having a hard day, all he has to do is take me on a date to Staples or JoAnn’s and I’ll immediately feel better. He is not wrong.

Half Sheet Lists

In my roles as wife, mama, teacher, maid housekeeper, etc, I’ve found there is a never-ending list of things I need to do. The laundry, the cleaning, the lesson planning, the paperwork, the permission slips, the birthday parties, the cooking… it really never stops. Being a grown up is great when I get to eat ice cream whenever I want, but not so great when all the details and tasks threaten to overwhelm me and send me to the looney bin. I’ve found the only way I can keep my head above water is to have a plan for the things that need to get done in life.

The Finance Bundle

I transitioned to an electronic calendar years ago and it served me well. But, to be honest, I discovered a few months ago that I need switch back to a paper calendar because of the way that I’m wired. I think one reason I love office supplies so much is because they appeal to my love of both form and function.  I love making a list but I also want my list to be pretty, ya know?

Meal Plan Half Sheet

I came across the new Happy Planner by accident and was not prepared for how much I would love it. Because it is “disc-bound,” it can lay flat and fold back on itself (like a spiral notebook) AND pages can be added to it (like a binder notebook.) It’s the best of both worlds! After a few weeks of using my planner, I realized I wanted to incorporate a space for meal planning and grocery lists so I made a custom insert page. And you know what? Knowing that I have a cute little meal planning form to fill out and a place to keep up with my grocery list actually motivates me to plan meals for the week. It should be embarrassing to admit I am the same little girl that would do anything if it was presented in form of a sticker chart, but… it’s oddly freeing.

The Household Organization Bundle

After searching for inserts for my planner and not finding anything that I loved, I continued to make lists, forms, and templates that were both pretty and customized for my life. I may be the same stationary-loving little girl that I’ve always been, but you know what? I am not alone– there are LOTS of us out there! The recent trend of coloring books for adults (which I also love!) is further evidence that I am in good company.

And so, I am excited to share some news with you… I’ve opened a shop on Etsy featuring many of my printable designs for the Happy Planner and other planner systems (Letter/A4/A5 sizes.)

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 It’s only been open a week but I’ve been blown away by the positive response so far! To celebrate, I would like to give three lucky winners their choice of any item in my shop! To enter, leave a comment with your favorite organizational or money-saving tip (I’m always on the hunt for good ideas!) Drawing ends Saturday, March 5th at 10pm(EST). Good Luck and Happy Planning!