To My Friend

{This is a letter to a particular friend in a specific situation, but I could have written similar words to a half-dozen other women this last year. So many of us are hurting– let’s be kind to one another, as we often have no idea what others are struggling with. Let’s strive for our words to be encouraging and healing. And let’s really pray for those we say we are praying for.}


Dear sweet friend,

I am sorry that things have been so hard for you these past few months. I am sorry that you feel isolated and alone, and I am especially saddened that you feel so deeply the effects of a broken world. I wish so much that I could fix this for you. I want to bring you meals, send you encouraging cards, and sit and listen as you struggle to work out how you are feeling. And while I very likely will do those things, I know I cannot fix this.

I wish I was a better writer and could express how much your friendship means to me. I can’t remember all the conversations we’ve had over the years, but I know that they have shaped me and helped me think deeply about the things that matter. I have learned more from you about what it means to be a godly wife, loving mother, and true friend than I will ever learn by reading a book or listening to a famous speaker.

I wish I could hold up a mirror that would show you how I see you and how very much I admire you. That mirror would show a woman who works diligently to take care of her family, is kind and loving toward those around her, and is crazy smart. It would soothe your fears about not being good enough, and would silence the criticism of others that you hear so loudly. It would show you what is true– it would reflect back to you the Gospel that says you are enough. You are enough because you are found in Christ. He has done everything necessary for you and there is nothing left for you to do except delight in Him.

My dear, sweet, beautiful friend– I know I cannot fix anything for you, but I also know there is One who can fix it all. And as you desperately cling to Him and all that you know to be true, remember that you are loved and adored by many. I am praying for you constantly and trusting my Father that his plan is perfect for you.