Baking and a Baby

Jeremiah is definitely growing and thriving these days. He’s asserting his personality (and will!) all over the place and some days are easier than others around here. For instance, yesterday I took him to get his hair cut and let’s just say it did not go well. He was a slobbery mess before the (very kind) lady even got close to him with the scissors. It was so bad that a second hair dresser came up to us and tried to help- she finally asked us to come back later that day after he had calmed down so they could finish. We did not go back. So, after paying for the hair cut and tipping very well, I have a child that will be wearing a hat for the foreseeable future. Sigh.

(The photo you see below is before the hair cutting fiasco. The next time you see him, he might have a buzz cut.)

There are days where I desperately need to distract Jeremiah, or else neither of us will make it to nap time. Earlier this week, I decided to make some cookies while also trying to capture some fun moments with him. He lasted about 3.5 minutes, but that’s pretty good for him. I used this recipe (although I did not add the wheat germ… Michael would have a BIG problem with me if I put something that healthy in his oatmeal raisin cookies.) I also made half of them oatmeal raisin and half oatmeal chocolate because we are a household divided over our oatmeal cookies.

I found it very fun to measure out everything ahead of time for the purpose of taking photos. I never do this in real life… I’m a very distracted baker normally, but I might actually prefer this new method. I got all the ingredients out of the cabinets in the beginning, measured everything into bowls, and rechecked the recipe before I did any mixing.

Jeremiah, as you might expect, was a big fan of the Kitchen Aid mixer. He particularly enjoyed trying to “catch” the paddle as it went round and round.

Now, this is the part where I am pretty proud of myself. {Although this is not my idea… I saw it on Pintrest, of course.}

The recipe called for 2 sticks of butter, which in my mind, means that it’s going to make way too many cookies for just me and Michael. (Jeremiah won’t eat cookies… he’s strange.) In the past, when I’ve tried adjusting recipes to make smaller quantities, they don’t always work out well. And even though I’m pretty sure I’m doing the math right, there’s something about changing the amount of eggs or trying to use half a stick of butter that just doesn’t work well. So, I decided to make a full recipe and freeze the rest in ice cube trays! Clever, right?!?

I made a full batch of dough, but only baked 12 cookies. Then, I portioned the rest into ice cube trays (I used a small ice cream scoop so the cookies are all the same size.) I popped the trays in the freezer, left them overnight, then put the dough balls in Ziploc bags.

Now, I can just grab a few pieces and bake them when we want some cookies. I’m really excited about this because we love having folks over for dinner, but making dinner and dessert is often too much for me. So now I can just grab them out of the freezer, let them thaw for a bit, and bake as normal. Whee!

I experimented a bit with the amount of time to let them thaw. The first time I left them out until they were completely thawed which took around an hour and a half. Then I baked according to the original recipe. These turned out fine, but I wondered if I could do it quicker. The next time I left them out for about 30 minutes before putting them in the oven. They were still a little frozen, but they did great! I still baked them according to the directions and they were perfect.

It’s nice when things work out like you think they will. That rarely happens around here, so when it does, we celebrate. With cookies.

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10 thoughts on “Baking and a Baby

  1. Such a fun blog and great pictures too…and I am quite impressed with the organization for this baking blog. I would never think you didn’t do this all the time! I also saw the freezing method for dough and was quite excited to try it myself…may just have to this weekend!

  2. These photos are fantastic, and brilliant idea with the ice cube trays (can I steal that??) More blog love from CM 🙂 I love this post. Now I am hungry!

  3. Your food photos are amazing… I feel like I could reach right through the screen and eat those fabulous cookies! And such a great idea about the ice cube trays… brilliant! And your son, he is so beautiful. LOVE!!!

  4. These shots are AWESOME and I am totally stealing the ice cube tray idea, how perfect! It actually made me slap my forehead b/c I’ve never thought of it myself! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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