Brown Paper Packages

I love brown. I know it makes me weird, but I absolutely love the color brown. Wood floors are brown. Coffee is brown. Six out of the ten rooms in my house are painted some shade of brown. Almost every piece of clothing I own is brown.

And so it makes sense that when it comes to gift giving, I choose to wrap packages in brown paper. It’s just so pretty!

I also really like to make things. Sadly, with the birth of Jeremiah, my available time for making things has been drastically reduced. (That makes it sound like I’m sad that Jeremiah was born– not true!) It’s just that any time for crafting has to be broken up into chunks of 30 minute intervals. All you mamas know… the meal-making and cleaning that it takes to keep a little person alive is sometimes overwhelming.

This year for Christmas I wanted to make all my lovely friends a gift that was really special. I won’t tell you what that was going to be because it turns out that I was overly ambitious and unable to actually make that happen. Instead, I changed course and decided to make them all something a little more manageable. I’m still not going to tell you what that is because I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Instead, I’m showing you them all wrapped up… because wrapping presents is just about my favorite part of Christmas. And this year I decided to make the bows, too! I used this tutorial and found it to be incredibly easy. Actually, that isn’t true. The first couple of bows I made didn’t turn out right and I think it’s because I am spatially challenged. It took me a while to figure out how to twist the paper so it would work each time– but now I have a system and now they are incredibly easy to make.

The tutorial suggests that you use magazine pages, but would you believe that we don’t have a single magazine in the house? I think I went a little crazy one year with decluttering and swore that we would never subscribe to a magazine or the newspaper again. And so, without magazine pages to use, I decided to get all creative. I tried scrapbook paper (too thick) and plain computer paper (kind of boring). I tried fabric (yeah, that didn’t work at all.) Then, I decided it would look cool to use pages out of a dictionary. But I couldn’t find one. What I did find, though, were my old college textbooks. And that is why I made bows out of organic chemistry textbook pages.

I think calculus bows are next… and I know a couple of people that actually might appreciate them!

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Someone is growing up

Today was a big day for a little boy. Today we went to the park and, for the first time, Jeremiah was able to run around and play on the all the fun playground equipment. In the past, the swing set was about all he could really enjoy, but today he was climbing up stairs, crawling through tubes, and sliding down slides. His poor mama about had a heart attack several times and is not ashamed to admit that she grabbed him by the collar more than once. There were no other children there, except for a little girl who was probably around 3-4 years old. Jeremiah wanted so much to play with her– he kept running after her and staring in her direction. She, however, was not impressed with his overtures toward her (I can’t say that I blame her. He just kind of squeals and flaps his arms when he gets excited. He’s not exactly presenting himself well to the ladies at this point.)

He is awfully cute, though.

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This is a story of how you can go from owning four working vehicles (granted some of them are/were beaters) down to one in just a matter of days.

1. The 1990 Ford truck:  This vehicle was picked up last week by its rightful owner, Michael’s brother. We were only taking care of it while he gallivanted across Europe for the past 8 months.

2. The 1995 Chevy truck: Michael has been out of town for the past three days. As he was getting ready to drive to the airport (at 5am), he discovered that his truck wouldn’t start. The same truck that we just spent $650 on a week ago to replace the brakes, battery, etc. Not a big deal- we got him off to the airport and figured that we would take care of that when he got back. We are hopeful that this is a simple issue (HAHAHAHA! Keep reading.)

3. The 1994 Toyota Corolla: Michael just called me to tell me that Ms. Corolla may be dead for good. She is currently being borrowed by a friend and while he drove along I-540 this morning, she caught on fire.

4. The 1999 Toyota 4Runner: (still running!) I will not lie. I have been praying for the past 30 minutes that nothing goes wrong with this car. After all, I need to use it to go meet the tow truck this afternoon and pick up Michael from the airport.

Surprisingly, I am not freaking out. This is one of those times when it just seems pointless. The cars are old. We’ll share a vehicle for a while (maybe Michael will even work from home!) This is not a big deal. I repeat, this is not a big deal.

Marriages falling apart, abused children, heart attacks, cancer, ALS…. these are big deals. And yet even in these things, I have hope. I am thankful to be reminded today that I have everything I need– even if I lose my car, my house, my health, my marriage, my child.

Phil 3:7-11